Submit a Sample
Let's get the ball rolling.

Submitting a sample for analysis requires two steps: (1) Request the analysis and (2) Mail the sample to be analyzed. Thats it!

Requesting an analysis can be as simple or specific as you desire. An email will suffice to get things started—contact us at We also have a simple form for initial inquiries, if you would prefer.

(1) Request the Analysis. Click here to download the PDF file.

(2) Submit samples to:

Natural Products Analytics Group
2116 W Industrial Park Dr
Bloomington, IN 47404


NPAG Sample Depository
520 S. Walnut St., #608
Bloomington, IN 47402-0608

Note: Either of these addresses will reach the appropriate personnel, and both accept
USPS, UPS, and Fedex standard and overnight packages.

We will take if from there. We maintain a policy of transparency. Thus, expect clear and constant communication from us; from the moment of initial request to issuing a final report. Transparency and full disclosure are integral components to the concept of analytics. We believe that transparency and full disclosure in testing are key to understanding, and therefore, bettering a product.