Natural Products Analytics Group
When it has to be done right... right now.
NPAG brings quality analytics to the Natural Products industry. Our mission is to raise the bar for the nutritional chemistry industry by providing high quality quantitative analyses.

Here's why:

Proudly headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana (home of Indiana University) the Natural Products Analytics Group has over 20 years experience in the nutritional chemistry industry. The term Natural Products includes a myriad of consumer products, such as botanical extracts, herbal medicines, nutraceuticals, organic / natural flavors and ingredients, nutrition, supplements, weight loss, weight management, and sports nutrition. Certainly anyone could add to the list (and does!). What these countless consumer products have in common is Natural Products—products of nature. Consumer goods based on Natural Products are a wonderful thing.

We have experienced first hand that dealing with Natural Products means dealing with variation. Variable color. Variable content. Variable quality. The product will vary depending on growing conditions, harvesting methods, subsequent processing, storage conditions, handling throughout manufacturing, and all of the quality control checks along the way. This can make for a Quality Control nightmare. Frustrated with the variable quality of materials, lack of quantitative standards, and consequent inconsistencies in the industry, we decided to form our own Analytics Group, bringing together a group of experienced and hard-working scientists to wrangle in the challenges that plague the Natural Product industry.

These endeavors were initiated in early in 2013. Since its inception, we have built our lab and implemented a stringent Quality Management System that is fully compliant with the prestigious ISO 17025 guidelines. We strive to maintain a state-of-the-art lab and personnel. Our analytical lab works in concert with a full synthetic organic chemistry lab. We are confident there is no challenge too great. We are here to provide the Quality Analytics Service the natural products industry is so starved for.